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Book Review of “Scandal of the Year” By Olivia Drake


          5 Books Out Of 5

James Ryding has just got word that there may be two strangers posing as his cousins, George and Edith Crompton. If this is the case, James must make sure that these people really are his two cousins, and not some impostors before he can bring charges on them and claim his inheritance.

First though, James decides to go undercover as a footman at Crompton houses to figure out if these people are really his ...

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Sneak Peek: “His Wicked Wish” by Olivia Drake


The daughter of a disgraced woman and a common actor, Madelyn Swann has been shunned by the nobility. No proper lady would traipse about on a Covent Garden stage, let alone sell herself at auction to the highest bidder. So why in heaven’s name would Nathan Atwood, Viscount Rowley, make a generous offer for her hand?

Turns out Maddy is exactly the type of woman Nathan wants as his wife...

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Sneak Peek: “Bella and the Beast” By Olivia Drake



Bella Jones feels like a fish out of water in civilized England. Raised abroad by her explorer father, she’s amused by the very proper manners of the nobility. Nevertheless, to save her younger siblings from ruin, she must infiltrate a ducal household in order to find the map to an ancient treasure trove. Alas, the haughty, handsome duke stands in her way…unless she can tame his beastly temper, that is.


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