Book Review of Regan Taylor’s “The Spell”


    4 Books Out of 5

I absolutely loved Regan Taylor’s book “The Spell” This is a book I had trouble putting down. Regan Taylor details her characters extremely well leaving you feeling like you know them personally. My favorite aspect of the ever twisting storyline was how she kept you always wondering who Kelly Mckenna’s stalker is...

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New Book Review Coming Soon!

Stay tuned to my blog for the book review on Regan Taylor’s book “The Spell”.
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Book Review of “Black & White comes Grey The Battle of Armageddon” By Giovanna Lagana


   3 Books Out Of 5

I really liked Giovanna’s book “Black & White comes Grey The Battle of Armageddon.” I enjoyed all of the characters especially Miriam James and her determination to fight for child. Giovanna keeps the book exciting all the way through and keeps you on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. The clash between Nathan and Mariam was very exciting, with lots of heart pounding action...

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