Coming Soon! Raven Kelly’s Book Review Of “Almost To Die For” Vampir Be Princess of St. Paul Book 1

Coming Soon! Raven Kelly’s Book Review Of ““Almost To Die For” Vampire Princess of St. Paul Book 1

On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker learns that her so-called deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king. And he wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side, in spite of the fact that she has witch’s blood running through her veins-from her mother’s side.
Too bad witches and vampires are mortal enemies...
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Book Review Of “Dangerous In Diamonds” by Madeline Hunter

    3 Books Out Of 5

The Duke of Castleford loves to drink and be with women of the night. For now, the Duke has no reason to settle down and get married. He is very happy the way his life is going along, and things are great, but when his uncle dies, he ends up inheriting land...
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Book Review Diva’s Review Of “Midnight Reborn” by D. Mcentire

5 Books Out Of 5

          5 Books Out Of 5

Rosa Bella is a well known singer from Louisville, Kentucky. So when she starts receiving red roses with notes and gifts from someone, she starts to think that these gifts are from the vampire watcher named Vane. Ever since the night that her best friend Robyn was almost killed by a rogue vampire, she has never been able to stop thinking about the embrace she shared with Vane that faithful night...
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Hapy First Day Of Fall Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Happy First Day of Fall. Enjoy the beautiful colorful leaves and the nice cooler weather.
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Its finally online YEAH! My new website design is finally online. Check out my new website design at I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the new design?

My Website:

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Coming Soon Lady Victoria Kelly’s Book Review Of “Dangerous in Diamonds”

Outrageously wealthy, the Duke of Castleford has little incentive to curb his profligate ways-gaming and whoring with equal abandon and enjoying his hedonistic lifestyle to the fullest. When a behest adds a small property to his vast holdings, one that houses a modest flower business known as The Rarest Blooms, Castleford sees little to interest him…until he lays eyes on its owner...
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Coming Soon! Raven Kelly’s Book Review Of “Midnight Rose”

The countdown is on for Louisville, Kentucky’s fireworks show and the Watchers are in place. Rogue vampires, being the ultimate party crashers they are, are expected to join the revelry. Rosa Bella has her own chaos to manage. As a vampire who manages to blend in with society, she doesn’t need any more complications...
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Book Review of “The Witch And The Wolf” by Tricia Schneider


   4 Books Out of 5

Lord Jeremy North has been cursed as a werewolf for eight year’s now, and on the eve of his change taking place he receives a knock at his door. Standing there in the middle of a blinding snow storm is the most beautiful women he has ever layed eyes on with the bluest eyes he has ever seen. Before she can introduce herself, she faints at his knees from exhaustion...

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