Book Review of “The Warrior Vampire” By Kate Baxter


4 Books Out Of 5

   4 Books Out Of 5

Naya Morales is a very powerful witch, and she uses her powers to track down stolen magic and punish those who take it. Naya also realizes that her elders are all men and they do not understand Naya’s powers, nor do they believe that a women should be considered an elder.

One evening, while Naya is out trying to catch a mapinguari (a human who’s body is possessed by evil magic), she encounters a vampire who tackles her to the ground and ends up passing out on top of her. Naya is wondering why a vampire would be in her town since they were all dead until, that is until this very minute when a vampire lands on top of her.

Naya shortly captures herself one sexy vampire who she now has chained to her bed. She plans on finding out why he tackled her to the ground and has passed out. Before Naya can figure out what to do with this vampire she must first hide him from her elders and try to calm her hormones down before she ends up doing something she just might regret.

Ronan is an agent vampire who has been cursed by a very sick witch and is also being consumed by evil magic. Lucky for Ronan he has found his mate the light of his life, but he almost lost her when she got herself killed by some possessed demon. Ronan has also gone and got himself captured by the feisty witch, and now has found himself chained to her bed. Is that a bad thing? Ronan must try and convince his feisty witch that she is his mate and that they share something in common.

Ronan is going to have one heck of a time trying to convince Naya that she is indeed his mate, since her elders have gone and mated her to one of their own. Naya in no way wants to be mated to a man. Ronan also must figure out why he is in her town and how he lost his memories, and just where the heck his sister is! Poor Ronan, will he be able to convince Naya that she is his mate, and will he regain enough of his memories to find his sister or will the evil magic inside consume him once and for all?

Steamy and Sizzling is just what Kate Baxter deliveries up in this wonderful novel of a sexy Vampire and feisty Witch.

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