Book Review of “Sweet Enemy” By Heather Snow


        5 Books Out Of 5

Liliana Claremont is on a mission to find out who killed her father and why. Liliana finds a letter that was written to her father from the late Earl of Stratford. Liliana hears that the the son of the Earl of Stratford is having a party in search of a wife. Liliana has no desire to marry, but if she can attend the party and act like one of the desperate ladies there who want the Earl’s attention she might be able to ask the Earl’s son some questions like why his father wanted to meet with her father and how he died. Will Liliana succeed in finding out who killed her father or will she be blinded by the looks and charm of the late Earl of Stratford’s?

Lies, danger, passion, and sizzling emotion grace the pages of Heather Snow’s novel “Sweet Enemy”. I could not put this book down. I kept turning page after page in anticipation of what was going to happen next late into the morning. Awesome book, I fully recommend this book to everyone!


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One comment to Book Review of “Sweet Enemy” By Heather Snow

  • Renee (Lover of Romance)  says:

    Thrilled to see that you enjoyed this one as much as I did. I feel this whole series is highly underrated!! I love the heroine in this one, she just rocks the house. Love your new blog look. So fun with the snow effects.

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