Book Review of “Scandal of the Year” By Olivia Drake


          5 Books Out Of 5

James Ryding has just got word that there may be two strangers posing as his cousins, George and Edith Crompton. If this is the case, James must make sure that these people really are his two cousins, and not some impostors before he can bring charges on them and claim his inheritance.

First though, James decides to go undercover as a footman at Crompton houses to figure out if these people are really his cousins. While undercover as a footman, James notices one of the residents, who is the youngest daughter of the house named Blythe. James sees this as an opportunity to befriend Blythe and hopefully gain some information about her parents whereabouts. While James is gaining information from Blythe he starts to develop feelings for the beautiful Blythe and he realizes that this was not part of his plan. Will James continue on his investigation of Blythe’s parents, or will he reveal himself to Blythe and tell her who is really is? Will he let it be known that her parents maybe be “imposters” who stole his inheritance, or will James keep his identity to himself and put his feelings aside for Blythe? Read on and find out what happens with James and if his cousins are still alive. Most of all, find out if will James follow his heart and tell Blythe just who he is?

Olivia Drake writes a spell bounding novel full of deceit, betrayal, and lies that will capture your attention right from page one. I loved this novel and the exciting adventure that James went through to find out what happened to his cousins. I also loved how James still remained true to himself while falling in love with Blythe, and always remained the perfect gentleman. What I totally loved and will always remember from this novel, was what Blythe’s Granny said. “The happiest people don’t always have the best of everything. They make the best of everything they have.” Great book Olivia and I can’t wait to read another of your great books.

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