Book Review Of “Mac Liam” by Renee Vincent


4 Books Out Of 5
4 Books Out Of 5


Breandan Mac Liam has only ever desired one women his whole life, Mara, Princess of Connacht. When Mara’s father asks Breandan to return to Inis Mor and bring his daughter
back to him as his dying wish, Breandan jumps at the chance.

Breandan thinks Mara is still married and that she will not want anything to do with him after he brought the enemy of her late husband to her home in Inis Mor. Breandan has no idea that Mara’s husband has passed away. Breandan must try and convince Mara to leave with him and go back to see her father as he is now dying.

Breandan is not going to be welcomed to Inis Mor. Getting to see Mara is going to be more than a challenge. Mara’s friends and family are not willing to trust Breandan. Breandan must also keep his emotions in check as Mara is now a widow and very vulnerable.

Mara is trying to adjust to life without her husband Degan and is now busy raising a son all by herself. Mara wishes that she could forget what happened to Degan and try and move on with her life, but her heart just will not let her.

Mara is going to get the shock of her life when Breandan Mac Liam arrives on the shore of Inis Mor with news that her father is on his death bed and wants to see her. All Mara can think about is how grown up Breandan Mac Liam is, and now gorgeous his is. Mara is also shocked to hear that her father is dying.

Mara must now try and keep her feelings and emotions in control, but with Breandan around, and accidentally walking in on him naked, things start becoming very difficult for her as emotions start to stir. All of the muscle and sex appeal that Breandan exudes is driving Mara nuts and agreeing to travel back with Breandan to see her father is going to be very dangerous and not only because all of her father’s enemies are on the lookout for her.

Mara will receive news from her father’s deathbed that will turn Mara’s world upside down. Will Mara be able to deal with this news and return to Inis Mor without being harmed? Will Breandan be able to protect Mara from harms way? Find out if Mara and Breandan return to Inis Mor safely and if both Mara and Breandan can keep their feelings in control for one another in “Mac Liam” by Renee Vincent.

Lust, Secrets, and Lies grace the pages of “Mac Liam.” I was so shocked with the secret that Mara’s father revealed to her. I really did not see that coming. I also really loved the way Breandan goes about winning Mara’s heart. A great Romance Read, I look forward to reading book three in this wonderful series by Renee Vincent.

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