Book Review Of “Her Scottish Groom” By Ann Stephens


        5 Books Out Of 5

Diantha Quinn has suffered immense abuse from her mother and father. Diantha has also been told by her parents that she is to marry a Scottish Lord named Kieran Rossburn. Diantha’s father made a business deal with Lord Rossburn, that he would receive a huge amount of money and new ships for his village if he agreed to marry his daughter. Poor Diantha, shes does not want to marry this stranger, she only wanted to marry for love. What choice does Diantha have though? Does she stay with her parents and live a life of hell, or take her Granny’s advice and make the best of her new marriage to Lord Rossburn.

Diantha’s new husband is full of surprises and that doesn’t including the “surprises” in the bedroom that Diantha will soon learn about. Lord Rossburn is a patient man, and he will show Diantha the respect that she deserves and did not receive from her parents. Diantha will also know what it is like to be loved and wanted, even if she has trouble admitting that she has fallen in love with her new husband when she is trying to keep the marriage in name only.

Diantha and Kieran both come from different worlds. Diantha is American born and has been raised by privilege and has been brought up to never have to work for her stuff. Kiern Rossburn inherited his title from his father and has learned to run a small village, ride horses and learn to appreciate the things around him. Both Diantha and Kieran will learn new things from one another and have to accept their marriage in name and possibly in love one day. Ann Stephens lights the pages up with passion and romance in this one. I love the romantic side, and total patience that Kieran showed towards Diantha. Kieran never once looked down on his new wife like her parents did. He even stood up for his wife in front of her parents and his family. Historical Romance lovers will fall in love with Ann Stephen’s novel “Her Scottish Groom”. I look forward to reading more of Ann Stephen’s books. Grab your copy today! – 5 Books out of 5!!

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