Book Review of “Dusk with a Dangerous Duke” By Alexandra Hawkins


4 Books Out Of 5

    4 Books Out Of 5

Lady Grace Kearly has already had her husband chosen for her at a young age. Lady Graces Grandfather and the Duke of Huntsley’s Grandmother had arranged for Lady Grace and the Duke of Huntsley to be married to each other by Lady Grace’s twenty first birthday.

Lady Grace has waited her whole life for the Duke of Huntsley to arrive and sweep her off her feet. Now, Twenty years later, he still has not arrived and Lady Grace is starting to wonder if the Duke of Huntsley will ever realize that is to marry her? Lady Grace has pretty much given up all hope of the Duke of Huntsley and has decided that she is going to marry someone else. She will be twenty one soon and if she does not marry, she will lose her inheritance and her Uncle will get it all.

While in London on a trip, Lady Grace is approached by a dashing young man, but Lady Grace has no idea that this dashing man is actually her husband to be, the Duke of Huntsley.

Tempers will fly when Hunter the Duke of Huntsley decides to kidnap his future bride and try and convince her once and for all that he is the man she is to marry. Will this feisty women decide to marry him and forgive him for not coming to see her in twenty years (while he was living it up with other women) when he should have been wooing her and sweeping her off her feet? Will The Duke of Huntsley and Lady Grace finally tie the knot, or will both of them go on their way and forget about each other? Find out what happens in this heart warming novel by Alexandra Hawkins.

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