Book Review of “Dark Hunger” & “Dark Secret” By Christine Feehan

Dark Hunger”

      4 Books Out Of 5

Juliette Sangria and her sister Jasmine thought they were breaking into a secret and experimental animal lab to rescue animals from harms way. What Juliette found was more than she could ever imagined. For some reason Juliette is drawn to a locked room where she finds a human male shackled to the wall. Juliette is now wondering why a human would be held captive in a secret animal lab? Before Juliette can wonder any further, she immediately frees the prisoner and before she knows it the prisoner grabs her and starts sucking blood from her. All Juliette can think of, is how she and her sister can get away from this crazy lunatic of a man! What Juliette does not know, is this lunatic is her life-mate and agent of the Carpathian Vampire named Riordan De La Cruz. Riordan has no plans to let Juliette free of himself, and he will do anything to protect her at any cost. Will Juliette get to her sister in time to warn her of the danger? Will Juliette let Riordan make her his life-mate for all eternity, or will she fall victim to Riordan’s charm and forget what she is and where she came from?


Dark Secret”

 3 Books Out Of 5


I was a little disappointed with this novel “Dark Secret” by Christine Feehan. I have read other novels by Christine and I just loved them. I wish there would have been more action and story rather than the over done seduction between Rafael and Colby. I found that this book focused way to much of Rafael trying to seduce Colby and less on Colby’s secret and who was trying to hurt her. Now this book did have some twists and turns, and it did have my heart pounding here and there with excitement at moments, but it wasn’t enough for me.

Colby Jansen is worried sick about losing the family ranch, and her brother and sister, to their late Father’s relatives. Ever since Colby’s fathers passing, she has been struggling to pay the bills on the ranch and she constantly fears that her uncles will take her brother and sister because she is unfit to look after them. One day while out training a horse Colby gets word that Rafael De La Cruz, a friend on her uncles, is up in town to check up on one of his horses. Colby immediately panics and thinks he has come to take her siblings away from her. Colby will have none of this and is going to put Mr. Rafael De La Cruz in his place “Colby style.” Colby has no idea that it was Rafael’s plan from the beginning to take Colby’s siblings back to Brazil, but until Rafael starts seeing color again, he soon realizes that the fiery redhead is his life-mate and everything changes. All Rafael can now focus on, is trying to seduce and capture Colby’s heart. Will Rafael succeed in trying to capture Colby’s heart, or will she keep her heart closed off and fight Rafael tooth and nail. Will Colby be able to save her family ranch and save her siblings from being taken from her, or will she lose everything that she has ever worked for and loved? Find out what happens with Rafael and Colby in “Dark Secret.

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