Book Review Of “Woodcutter’s Grim Series” by Karen Wiesner

    4 Books Out of 5


Book 1: “Papa”: Rand Parker lost his ex-wife and children to a horrible car crash six months earlier. Since that day, Rand’s new wife has not left their apartment because she has been so upset with what happen to his children. Rand’s wife Amy keeps blaming herself for the accident happening, and says that she caused the accident because she fell in love with Rand and broke his marriage up. Amy has also been seeing the ghosts of Rand’s children outside the apartment, and she hears them calling for Rand by saying “Papa”. Rand is just beside himself, and he does not know what to do with Amy and her fears that she is going crazy. Rand wants to help Amy and wonders maybe a weekend at his ex-wife’s cabin (that he just recently inherited) might help. Too bad the trip to the cabin does not turn out how Rand thinks it will. Rand and Amy are about to be faced with the horrors of the undead, and that will put their love for each other to the test.

Book 2: “Blood of Amethyst”: Gabe Reece has ever only loved one women and that would be Amethyst Phillips. The problem Gabe is having, is that he has to always share Amethyst with her father. Amethyst refuses to move in with Gabe because she will feel guilty for leaving her father alone, and worries if he will be able to take care of himself. Amethyst also has not told her father that she is pregnant with Gabe’s child and she worries that he will be mad at her.

While spending a night at Gabe’s, Amethyst sees her father’s dead corpse staring back at her from outside the window. Right then and there Amethyst knows that her father is dead. It’s been said in Woodcutter’s Grim that if you see your loved ones corpse it means that they have died. Now, what Amethyst does not know, is that her beloved father has just made a deal with the evil in the woods of Woodcutter’s Grim. He said he wold sacrifice his daughter to the evil presence for a chance to see his dead wife one last time. Poor Amethyst, she now has to try and save herself and her unborn child from the evil that is now haunting her. Can Gabe, as one of the Protectorate’s of Woodcutter’s Grim, save the only women he has loved from the evil presence of Woodcutter’s Grim, or will he lose her and his unborn child?

Book 3: “Dancing To The Grave”:  When Diane was younger she told her best friend Amethyst that she would marry her brother’s best friend Kurt. Diane Anders-Jones thought she married the perfect man and had the happy marriage. Unfortunately that changed one afternoon when Diane came home from work early and discovered her husband and his ex-fiancee Glynnis making love. Diane’s life crashed all around her, she could not believe the only man she ever wanted to marry (and loved so much) would betray her like he did. Diane was beside herself and turned to alcohol and tried to kill herself to end the pain she felt. If it was not for her husbands good friend Mick, Diane would be dead from a drug overdose.

Now, six months later, Diane and Kurt are back together and are trying to work out what happen between them. Everything seems to be going well for Diane, she is happy with Kurt. While teaching her students music she starts noticing that a lot of her students are turning up sick with a mysterious flu. She also notices a foul smells coming from her class room but can not put her finger on it’s origin. Strange things are happening in Woodcutter’s Grim and its affecting the children. Diane asks Kurt if he has been noticing anything weird happening around town. Diane soon notices that he is hiding something from her, and she is starting to wonder if he is even being trustworthy with her. Little does Diane know that Kurt is trying to protect her from the evil presence that has returned to finish what he did not finish.

Evil will take lives this time and will also take what most important to the people of Woodcutter’s Grim, their beloved children. Diane and Kurt’s relationship is going to be once again tested. Will their relationship succumb to a permanent breakup, or will they grow closer?

Book 4: Amethyst Tower: Prince Reece is the chosen one who has been prophesied to kill the evil that keeps plaguing the people of Woodcutter’s Grim. Prince Reece lost his Mother and Grandpa to evil. Prince Reece must now fulfill the prophecy of rescuing the fair maiden from the tower that she is being held captive in and finally end the evil for once and for all. To bad Prince Reece does not know where to find this fair maiden named Rapunzel. Prince Reece also has only three days to do all of this or the evil will win and take all of the people of Woodcutter’s Grim. Can Prince Reece save the fair maiden Rapunzel and save the people of Woodcutter’s Grim? Will he finally kill the evil for once and for all, or will he fail?

Karen Wiesner  writes four chilling books that are all written around your favorite fairy tales. Book one is based around the characters Hansel and Gretel. Book two is based off of the evil Rumpelstiltskin. Book three is based around The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Last but not least Book four is based around the beautiful Rapunzel. Karen also writes the stories around Halloween and that gives the stories a much scarier feel when you are reading them. Readers of this is a fantastic book should read it around Halloween. Don’t forget though when you turn your lights out at night you may hear things that go bump in the night.

Great job Karen I love how you combined romance and horror into these wonderful short stories. I really enjoyed your book, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to review it!

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